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UGEC2231 Decoding Cities


Lecture: Mondays 04:30 p.m. - 06:15 p.m.


Dr. LEE Wai Ying Joanna

Course Description

Cities have always been magnets attracting a growing number of citizens. The unprecedented pace of urbanization has recently witnessed a historic shift of human population with the majority now living in cities. The growth of cities in this age of globalization raises many opportunities and challenges, concerning the quality of life, poverty, sustainability, environmental degradation and urban competitiveness. All of which deserve our attention.

This course offers students a comprehensive understanding of cities and urban challenges from the perspective of sustainable development. It examines the historical, social, economic, cultural and environmental dimensions of cities. As the course focuses on urban issues at global, regional and local levels, students will not only gain knowledge about the causes and impacts of urban problems, but also learn how different stakeholders can help achieve sustainable livable cities in the age of globalization. By adopting an issue-based approach, different SDGs such as no poverty (SDG 1), industry, innovation and infrastructure (SDG 9), reduced inequality (SDG 10) and sustainable cities and communities (SDG 11), will be included in a variety of topics ranging from socio-economic to environmental aspects in the course. Different cities will be chosen as case studies for understanding various urban challenges and solutions. Apart from lectures, students will develop critical thinking on various urban challenges that affect their daily lives through video discussion, group projects and presentation in the discussion forums.

Learning Outcome

  • Be capable of understanding different urban challenges encountered by cities in the age of globalization.
  • Be critical in interpreting sustainable/unsustainable development practices of different cities.
  • Have increased exposure to different SDGs and solutions to urban challenges.


2 -credits

Sustainable Development Goals

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