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UGEC2354 Global Sustainability


Lecture: Wednesdays 02:30 p.m. - 05:15 p.m.


Professor Maria Del Mar FRANCESCH HUIDOBRO

Course Description

(UGEC2354 is double-coded with GLSD2401.)

The course introduces the concept of human carrying capacity in the globe. The capacity symbolizes the balance between population size and environmental resources ––the underlying foundation for sustainable development. In history, it is shown that the human carrying capacity was periodically shrunk by climate deterioration and human-induced environmental degradation, resulting in catastrophic social consequences such as mass migrations, wars, or even population collapses. In this course, the background knowledge of climate-induced and human-induced environmental change will be introduced. The associated physical and social dimensions of environmental change will also be covered. Based on the lessons of the past, together with recent trends in global climate change and social development, the human carrying capacity in contemporary societies will be systematically examined. Some controversial issues related to human-environment nexus will also be discussed. This is a course of general appeal to students with different backgrounds.

Learning Outcome

  • Comprehend the complex relationship between environmental change, population growth, and social development.
  • Develop a comprehensive vision of global sustainability.
  • Able to exercise interdisciplinary curiosity, bring ideas together from multiple fields, and successfully apply them to contemporary issues that are critical to human societies.
  • Able to apply both macroscopic and microscopic analytical skills.
  • Know how to resolve the competing interpretations of controversial issues related to sustainable development goals.


3 -credits

Sustainable Development Goals

Four Areas UGEC Society and Culture

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