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2022–23 Term 1

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GEJC1020 The Hong Kong Story

Fridays 03:30 p.m. - 05:15 p.m.
Dr. LEE King Wa

From a colony of the British Empire to the SAR of the PRC, the Hong Kong story has undergone many ups and downs, twists and turns. Designed from a sociological perspective, but specifically for students without sociological background or much background knowledge about Hong Kong, this course shall guide them through the journey of Hong […]

GEYS1010 Creative Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development

#Wu Yee Sun College

Fridays 03:30 p.m. — 06:15p.m.
Professor CHOW Po Chung and Professor LEE Albert

This course consists of four major components: 1. Our Roles for a Sustainable Future How can we lead a good life in a just society? How can individual actions affect events at a global scale? These are the questions every student should ask and take seriously. We will explore them through the United Nation’s 17 […]

UGEA1333 Multiculturalism in China

#UGEA Chinese Cultural Heritage

Thursdays 11:30 a.m. - 01:15 p.m.
Dr. TANG Wai Man

This course introduces students to an understanding of the changes of the ethnic landscape in China from the past to the present. Through close readings of ethnographies, viewing of videos, and fieldtrips, this class examines various topics in multiculturalism in China, including ethnic relations, global economy, religion pluralism, and cross-cultural romance and marriage, in the […]

UGEB1307 Energy and Green Society

#UGEB Nature Science and Technology

Wednesdays 02:30 p.m. - 04:15 p.m.
Dr. HAN Dongkun

This course is designed to help students to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the global energy crisis and environmental issues our society is currently facing. The history of energy consumption shows how important energy is to the quality of life for the human beings. With the further development and the increase of the world population, […]

UGEB2132A Earth as Seen From Space

#UGEB Nature Science and Technology

Mondays 02:30 p.m. - 04:15 p.m.
Dr. WONG Kwan Kit, Professor FUNG Tung

Climate change, sea level rise, deforestation, forest fire, severe typhoon, glacier melt, agricultural loss, overpopulation, etc. are terms that you might have heard of. And they are also real and hot crises affecting the sustainability of human beings. How do we know these are all happening? In fact, our earth is being overseen from space […]

UGEB2151 China’s Mega-Projects in the New Millennium

#UGEB Nature Science and Technology

Fridays 08:30 a.m. - 11:15a.m.
Dr. WANG Lang

As the most populous country in the world, China is confronted by the problems of overpopulation, water scarcity, energy shortage, desertification, drought, floods, pollution, and loss of biodiversity. Since 1978 the economy has grown rapidly and as of to date, it has become a rising economic power of the world. However, the environmental and ecological […]

UGEB2240 Natural Wonders of the World

#UGEB Nature Science and Technology

Fridays 03:30 p.m. - 06:15p.m.
Professor LAI Yuk Fo

For many of us, the natural wonders of our planet are well known, for example, Antarctica, the Amazon Forests, the Great Barrier Reef and the Grand Canyon. Yet, few people really understand their formation and presence. This course introduces students to the concepts and processes of environmental change, such as climate change, land use change, […]

UGEC1209 Thinking Gender: An Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies

#UGEC Society and Culture

Tuesdays 03:30 p.m. - 05:15 p.m.
Professor SUEN Yiu Tung

(UGEC1209 is double-coded with GDRS1001.) This course aims to develop students’ ability to analyze the everyday life through the lens of gender. Drawing on the interdisciplinary nature of Women’s and Gender Studies, the course will guide students to examine how gender works as one of the primary social organizing principles in the movies we watch, […]

UGEC1835 Culture of Hong Kong

#UGEC Society and Culture

Tuesdays 01:30 p.m. - 03:15 p.m.
Dr. TANG Wai Man

(UGEC1835 is double-coded with ANTH1410.) This course introduces students to characteristic aspects of Hong Kong culture. It will cover a wide range of cultural changes that have taken place since WWII. The course starts with an introduction to anthropological research in Hong Kong, and looks at topics including village culture and urbanization, food culture, marriage, […]

UGEC2171 Sustainable Development

#UGEC Society and Culture

Mondays 04:30 p.m. - 06:15 p.m.
Dr. LEUNG Yin Kiu

(UGEC2171 is double-coded with GRMD2401.) Sustainable development is a global vision for the future. This approach to development should not only generate economic growth, but also distribute its benefits equitably, regenerate the environment rather than destroy it, as well as empower people rather than marginalize them. The UN 2030 Agenda came into effect in 2015 […]

UGEC2192 Understanding Ecotourism

#UGEC Society and Culture

Tuesdays 02:30 p.m. - 04:15 p.m.
Professor CHAN Chung Shing

The first part of the course will cover the general introductory concepts and provide students with theoretical and historical background of the discipline. This will be followed by in-depth study of specific environmental settings and resource issues that will complement our understanding of ecotourism. Hong Kong is the main focus of discussion though examples or […]

UGEC2354 Global Sustainability

#UGEC Society and Culture

Tuesdays 02:30 p.m. - 05:15 p.m.
Professor Maria Del Mar FRANCESCH HUIDOBRO

(UGEC2354 is double-coded with GLSD2401.) The course introduces the concept of human carrying capacity in the globe. The capacity symbolizes the balance between population size and environmental resources ––the underlying foundation for sustainable development. In history, it is shown that the human carrying capacity was periodically shrunk by climate deterioration and human-induced environmental degradation, resulting […]