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To Prepare

Using the 17 SDGs as a framework, the Office of University General Education launched the SDG Study Scheme in 2020–21 to prepare students for the challenges of tomorrow.

To Enable

The SDG Study Scheme enables students who aspire to be future leaders of sustainable development.

To Integrate

Students are encouraged to integrate their academic learning with life experiences and community engagement.

SDG Study Scheme

1 short online course on SDG

“How to achieve the SDGs” provided by the SDG Academy

Two to three SDG-GE courses

SDG-GE courses are knowledge-based courses relevant to at least one SDG. They are existing College and University General Education courses.

At least 1 SDG-SE course/26 hours of Voluntary Activity (SDG-VA)

Students are encouraged to initiate and engage in service and actions relevant to at least one SDG, and to apply and connect prior knowledge with the observations in the field to plan and take action.


All about sustainable development updates