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SDG-SE (Social Engagement)

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The social engagement component of the SDG Study Scheme encourages students to integrate their academic learning with service learning. Students are encouraged to initiate and engage in service and actions relevant to at least one SDG, and to apply and connect prior knowledge with the observations in the field to plan and take action. The aim is to make a difference in the local, regional or global community to promote the quality of life and/or the environment. Here is the list of Service Learning courses offered by different colleges:

GEUC4012 Social Enterprise and Innovation: Internship

#United College

Fridays 06:30 p.m. – 09:15 p.m.
A: Dr. NG Chui Ha<br> B: Dr. TSE Sze Hei

This is an advanced experiential-learning course that will give students an opportunity to work directly for social enterprises under the guidance of their supervisors and professional mentors. Students would have opportunities to experience how the social enterprises help the underprivileged groups and gain hands-on business experience, which will strengthen their soft skills, help them implement […]