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UGEC1209 Thinking Gender: An Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies


Lecture: Wednesday 02:30 p.m. - 04:15 p.m.

Tutorial: Wednesday 04:30 p.m. - 05:15 p.m.


Professor SUEN Yiu Tung

Medium of Instruction


Course Description

(UGEC1209 is double-coded with GDRS1001.) This course aims to develop students’ ability to analyze the everyday life through the lens of gender. Drawing on the interdisciplinary nature of Women’s and Gender Studies, the course will guide students to examine how gender works as one of the primary social organizing principles in the movies we watch, the housework we do, the behaviors we express and many other daily activities that have been routinized. The first three lectures will equip students with a critical gender lens by questioning biology and getting familiar with theories of gender role, socialization, gender schema, doing gender and queer theory. All concepts to be explored in class will be explained with reference to research. At the end of the course, students will come to understand how political their personal life is. In particular, the course hopes to inspire students to take part in creating social change for gender equality, which is in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Learning Outcome

  • Recognize gender as a fundamental organizing principle of society.
  • Describe how gender is constructed and in what ways it influences us at individual, national and global levels.
  • Explain gender in various perspectives with sound justifications.
  • Theorize cultural issues from a gender perspective.
  • Reflect upon their life and choices.
  • Consider changes in social practices and policies that can better address gender equality.
  • Evaluate the barriers and challenges in achieving gender equality in diverse cultures.


3 -credits

Sustainable Development Goals

Four Areas UGEC Society and Culture

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