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UGEC2041 History of Women in Modern China


Lecture: Mondays 02:30 p.m. - 04:15 p.m.


Miss CHEUNG Ching Man

Course Description

Gender inequalities often stem from distinctions either empirically grounded or socially constructed. “History” is of essential importance in understanding how these inequalities are constructed in different periods and different contexts. This course traces and examines the history of women in China from the late Qing period to the present. Discover and analyze the sex roles, sexual politics and sexual symbolism in the course of modernization and nation building, how they are related to economic development, ideological shifts and colonialism, and to find out how they functioned to reduce gender distinctions (SDG#10 Reduced Inequalities), how they affected the formulation and changes of women policy (SDG#16 Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions), and how they promoted woman’s rights and social changes (SDG#5 Gender Equality).

Learning Outcome

  • Have a better understanding of the history of modern China in a gendered perspective.
  • Develop deeper understanding of women’s rights movement in modern China, and the roles and contributions of women in the evolution and development of Chinese society.
  • Understanding how the women policy in modern China is formulated (SDG#16 Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions) and changed over times in promoting the rights of women (SDG#10 Reduced Inequalities)
  • Recognize and critically analyze how and why various contexts shaping the lives and experience of women in modern China.
  • Cultivate sensitivity and fair evaluation to issues related to sexuality and gender.
  • Evaluate and reflect on how to promote gender equality (SDG#5 Gender Equality) based on the experience of the past.


2 -credits

Sustainable Development Goals