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UGEB2360 Wonders & Insights in Biology


Lecture: Tuesdays 02:30 p.m. - 04:15 p.m.


Dr. SIOW Lam

Course Description

Biology is the study of life. Complex life is built from some molecules that slowly evolved into diverse living organisms, which then interact with the environment to form ecosystems and finally shape the biosphere where we all live in. Studies of the biological world allow us to understand more on how life has evolved and lead to significant advancement in our ability to improve living quality, but at the same time create a lot of controversies and problems. This course firstly aims to provide a systematic and comprehensive view on the biological world, starting from the simplest DNA to simple single-celled organisms, and then to more complicated living organisms, and finally to the most complex ecosystems and biosphere; and to guide students to appreciate the Wonders and majesty of the biological world. Students will also be introduced examples of how insights from studying the biological world can improve our health, living quality and environment, and may affect the future societal development. Students will be introduced to examples that are relevant to the Sustainable Development Goals including SDG #3 “Good Heath and Well Being, SDG #7 “Affordable and Clean Energy, SDG #13 “Climate Action” and SDG #15 “Life on Land”. The important roles of biotechnology will be discussed, such as how human diseases can be prevented and treated, and how global climate change can be mitigated.

Learning Outcome

  •  To recognize how life is organized from molecules into organisms and how they live with nature
  • To develop concepts on how nature shapes her inhabitants through the process of natural selection
  • To give examples of what humans have learnt from nature to solve their life problems and to improve their living quality
  • To explain how human activities affect the environment and its remediation
  • To apply some basic principles and knowledge of biological sciences to real life situations
  • To appraise the impact of modern life styles of humans on nature with a scientific basis

Sustainable Development Goals

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