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UGEC2945 History of Hong Kong


Lecture: Mondays 02:30 p.m. – 04:15 p.m.


Miss CHEUNG Ching Man

Course Description

This course introduces the history of Hong Kong from a British colony to the Special Administrative Region of China. It covers major events and issues of Hong Kong, emphasizing the development of political system, social structure and economic pattern, and evaluate the role of Hong Kong in modern China, in the Asian-Pacific region and in the world. The course critically examines how colonial governance and Sino-British relations affected Hong Kong, offering students a multi-perspective in understanding how Hong Kong has becomes what it is today. This course is relevant to three Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly in the area of SDG#8 Decent Work and Economic Growth by looking at the development of Hong Kong from an entrepôt to a global financial centre, SDG#10 Reduced Inequalities by looking at how Hong Kong evolved from a society of racial segregation to social inclusiveness, and SDG#16 Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions by looking at the public policy in promoting social reform and social justice.

Learning Outcome

  • Have a better understanding on the history of Hong Kong.
  • Recognize and critically analyze how and why various contexts affecting the development of Hong Kong.
  • Identify and examine the economic roles and positions of Hong Kong in modern Chinese history and in a global context (SDG#8 Decent Work and Economic Growth).
  • Articulate fair evaluation on issues surrounding the daily life in Hong Kong (e.g. inequalities in economic and political power, housing problem, etc.) after understanding their origins, and able to reflect on how to promote social reform and justice based on the experience of the past (SDG#10 Reduced Inequalities and SDG#16 Peace, Justice and Social Institution).

Sustainable Development Goals

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