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UGEC2226 Discovering Africa: Environment, Society and Prospects


Lecture: Wednesdays 02:30 p.m. - 04:15 p.m.


Professor Lawal Mohammed MARAFA

Course Description

Popular representations of the African continent produced in global discussions are marked by a stereotyped image of Africa, its culture, environment and development. The purpose of this course is to critically examine the common framing of Africa as a continent of conflict, disasters, poverty and a region that is perpetually in need of external intervention. In addition to the myth that surrounds Africa, there is a growing dynamics of activities resulting into the current interest on the continent.

Earlier, the UN settled on the Agenda 2030 as a plan of action for people, planet and prosperity for the whole world. This plan dovetails very well with the Africa’s Agenda 2063. This therefore provides an opportunity to identify where Africay situates on SDG issues that include its people, its environment and its economic development.

The course will therefore present to students the context of Africa relating to its geography, environment, culture as well as contemporary development issues shaping the destiny of Africa. Through lectures, guest speakers, videos and possibly field studies, students will be able to critically evaluate the stereotypical notion of Africa as a continent rather than as a country as is quite often misconstrued. The course will provide an intellectual platform to understand and analyze issues from a multi-disciplinary perspective as they relate to Africa and humanity. The students will be able to interpret and explain in broad terms, the contemporary position of Africa as it relates to other parts of the world with special attention to its relationship with Asia and China in particular.

Learning Outcome

  • Acquire basic knowledge of the physical, environmental and cultural geography of the African continent.
  • Embark on intellectual dialogues and critically analyze the theoretical and practical aspects of the people’s relationship with the African physical environment.
  • Students will understand the extent to which SDGs are integrated into the African development agenda.
  • Comment academically on issues, problems and challenges related to Africa.
  • Demonstrate a greater understanding of Africa as a continent and its people.
  • Think critically and academically in approaching the discussions on African issues.
  • Acquire the skills and capacity to provide necessary leadership and expertise to others seeking knowledge of and involvement in Africa and African affairs.


2 -credits

Sustainable Development Goals

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