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2023–24 Term 2

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UGEC3225 Gender Biases in Education and the Workplace

#UGEC Society and Culture

(UGEC3225 is double-coded with GDRS3024.) Educational and occupational accomplishments vary dramatically among individuals and profoundly affect lives. Importantly, gender is among the powerful individual characteristics that affect people’s experiences in educational and work settings. Gender shapes youths’ experience and outcomes of education across the globe and across history. This course is designed to introduce to […]

UGEC3928 Language Disorders

#UGEC Society and Culture

(UGEC3928 is double-coded with LING3208.) This survey course introduces non-clinical students to fundamental concepts of language disorders in paediatric and adult populations. Characteristics of primary language impairment, aphasia, dysarthria, and hearing impairments, as well as articulation, fluency, and voice and other related disorders affecting language are among the topics to be discussed. Diagnostic techniques and […]

UGED1235 Intellectual History of Modern China

#UGED Self and Humanity

This course aims to provide an opportunity for students to understand the intellectual history of China from the late Qing dynasty to contemporary China. It will discuss the impact of Western ideologies on Chinese culture, as well as evaluate how they influenced Chinese intellectuals and modern Chinese society. This course integrates SDGs by discussing how […]

UGED2622 Political Violence and Human Rights

#UGED Self and Humanity

Tuesdays 10:30 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.
Professor CHENG Sea Ling

(UGED2622 is double-coded with ANTH2530.) This course examines the pervasiveness of violence from an anthropological and comparative perspective. We consider a wide range of phenomena that can be called violence within diverse historical and cultural contexts. Violence is always political – whether it is manifest in the spectacular practices of torture, terrorism, or genocide, or […]