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UGED1235 Intellectual History of Modern China

Course Description

This course aims to provide an opportunity for students to understand the intellectual history of China from the late Qing dynasty to contemporary China. It will discuss the impact of Western ideologies on Chinese culture, as well as evaluate how they influenced Chinese intellectuals and modern Chinese society. This course integrates SDGs by discussing how western education influenced modern China. (SDG#4 Quality Education) How the contemporary Chinese intellectual tried to eliminate inequality and poverty by introducing education and new ideologies from the West. (SDG#1 No Poverty) Poverty, the developments of quality education and women rights in modern China will be examined. (SDG#10 Reduced Inequality SDG#16 Peace and Justice Strong Institutions) Students are able to exam several modern China SDGs developments through historical aspects, including SDG#1 No Poverty SDG#4 Quality Education SDG#10 Reduced Inequality SDG#16 Peace and Justice Strong Institutions.

Learning Outcome

After taking this course, students are able to:

  • Appreciate the contributions of modern Chinese intellectuals and how their ideas shaped modern Chinese culture;
  • Examine the differences between ‘traditional’ and ‘modern’ Chinese intellectuals in cultural terms;
  • Perform critical reasoning on how Western ideologies influenced Chinese intellectuals;
  • Understand how the ‘western’ education system introduced to China and their contributions;
  • know how western education reshaped the family value and female status in modern China; and
  • Integrate SDGs themes such as quality education, reducing inequality when reviewing the history of ‘westernization’ and ‘modernization’ in China.


2 -credits

Sustainable Development Goals

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